Volunteer Police Cadets

The West Midlands Police cadet scheme involves 13-17 year olds, who meet once a week at cadet units across the West Midlands.

As part of a national curriculum, the Volunteer Police Cadet scheme is based on four national objectives-

  • Making a difference in local communities, building character, confidence and contribution through youth-led social action.
  • Actively helping divert young people away from negative influences and crime
  • Building trust and confidence between young people, their communities and the police.
  • Enabling young people to have a real voice and influence in building a positive, relevant 21st century policing.

Cadets are offered the chance to:

  • learn about policing, including visits to departments
  • learn new skills and to help others
  • volunteer in the community
  • be part of events such as Pride or Remembrance Day